Thursday, 30 October 2014

Five Autumn Nails | Fashion & Beauty

 Hello! So as almost every beauty blogger/vlogger/lover has been doing, I've been experimenting with different polishes that are perfect for autumn! I thought I'd do a little post to show different ways I've been wearing the more traditional autumnal colours, and a few others ways to spice up your fall nail look.

 1. The Classic.  
Rimmel Lasting Finish in 193 Black Cherries
Nothing screams cozy-by-the-fire-sipping-chai-lattes more than the deep cherry red. A super sultry and decadent colour, that at first appears black but when it catches the light throws off the most beautiful deep bruised red.

 2. The Functional. 
Rimmel 60 Seconds in 803 Man Overboard
There's nothing more wearable than a gorgeous slate grey. As the name of the colour suggests, this is the kind of grey only found in the depths of the highest, windiest seas, conjuring images of stormy weather and.., pirates? In any case, this colour just screams autumn/winter, but also benefits from being a shade that matching with virtually any wardrobe. 

3. The neutral.
elf polish in Desert Haze
Sometimes, you need a little neutral in your life. Yes, even in the burnt orange, oxblood, magenta haze that is autumn, Imagine: trench coat, dark blue jeans, heeled boots, claret red scarf, windswept hair and gorgeously neutral nails. Need I say more?

4. The sexy.
Barry M Nail paint in 273 raspberry
What is an autumn nail edit without a sexy red? Well maybe I'm cheating, this is more of a berry, with distinctly deep pink hues, but hey it's still sexy amiright? I do love a classic red, but there's something playful about a berry polish that mixes up the sultry tones we usually see around this time of year.

 5. The Wild Card.
Revlon Top Speed in 730 Royal
Woah. I know. Can you say in your face or what? This is such a bold and rich colour, kind of reminds me of primary school poster paint - such a true blue. I love this, though. It's so different and eye catching, this is perfectly matched with a neutral or monochrome wardrobe.

Mix it up...

I decided to add a coat of this elf Matte Finisher polish over top to show how these polishes looked toned down. I love this matte top coat - when I first bought it I was obsessed with putting on top of everything! I especially love it over that neutral shade, and if you wanted to tone down that electric blue this would be perfect!

What are you favourite autumn shades and polishes? I'm always on the look out for more!

Drea xo

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Monday, 27 October 2014

My Week | Film & Producing


So I had a pretty busy week last week so I thought I would do a post walking you through my typical week, well this would be a typical week when I'm not on a shoot - when I'm in development stage, taking meetings, and doing other bits and bobs (the biggest difference between I actually have time to cook!) Apologies for the dodgy pictures, I wasn't taking my camera out with me on most days and I usually only had 30 seconds to try and take a quick snap!

Friday 17th
Had a meeting/brainstorming session at the Ace Hotel, Shoreditch with a director I work with. This is a really good place for meetings, though can get pretty busy at times so grab a seat early! It is also a little like an Apple showroom - I have never seen so many MacBook Pro's in my life! (Jeans from New Look)

Friday night's dinner. I'm obsessed with salmon, if I could eat it three times a day I would: smoked salmon scrambled eggs for breakfast, salmon salad for lunch and a big fat salmon fillet for dinner - heaven!

Saturday 18th
Pretty chilled out day today spent tidying and reorganising my room. As you can tell from my last blog post I'm a book addict and currently have two bookshelves in my room (thinking of doing a book shelf tour..?) and I'm always re-ordering them - top shelf is dedicated to the Kay Scarpetta series from one of my favourite authors, Patricia Cornwell.

Sunday 19th
Tried out a new pancake recipe and they turned out pretty awesomely light and fluffy! Definitely gonna try and do some recipe posts because as you can see, I love to cook! Later on Sunday I had a meeting with a really great young female director who I'm planning on working with.

Working on budgets on a Sunday night - aww yeah! And I'm clearly very serious about hydration. 

Monday 20th
Today I had a couple meetings - one a very exciting one at the cinema where the film I'm a producer on is being premiered in November (find out more here). Tried to take a quick cinema selfie but alas the lighting was not on my side (Jeans and boots-New Look, T shirt-Primark, cardigan-H&M, sunglasses-freebie with Tatler magazine!)

Tuesday 21st
Another day another meeting. This one was in Soho where a lot of film stuff happens - so eloquently put. (Nail polish-Barry M Raspberry, Ring-Primark, Notebook-Tiger)

After my meeting I met a director friend for dinner at Mele e Pere, a lovely Italian restaurant in Soho. I obviously scoffed the lot before I remembered I should have taken a photograph. But instead I do have a classy toilet selfie. (Dress, bag, scarf-Primark, Boots-New Look)

Weds 22nd
Today was a quieter day working from home. I was meant to go to a film event in the evening but the day before I got caught in the random freak hurricane so was feeling ever so slightly under the weather. So instead I baked a peach cobbler, had a raspberry Crabbies and caught up on Homeland.

Thursday 23rd
Thursday I went to a film screening in Soho for a super cool young director who made a really cool short that was partly in English, partly in Portuguese. There was also a free bar which, ya know, is always welcomed. (Lipstick-e.l.f Matte lip colour in Rich Red)

Friday 24th
Had a meeting today in my house which was pretty cool - the cool part being no public transport of course. Worked on a project I'm trying to develop with another producer so lots of figures and budgets! Dinner was a turkey loin wrapped in bacon, sweet potato mash and veg. And wine. Always wine. 

Saturday 25th
Another pretty chilled one on Saturday - lie in, fry up, and went for the crispest autumnal walk. The evening was spent watching  X Factor which I haven't done for years but for some reason it's becoming my Saturday ritual. That and snacks and nail painting. (Polish-e.l.f in shade desert haze)

Sunday 26th
Sunday I got my head shots done, and I hate having my picture taken so it was pretty excruciating! well let me quantify that, I don't mind posing for casj pictures where I'm smiling with friends or what have you, but as soon as I hear the words "hey just relax and be natural" I turn into the wooden man. We had a super awesome photographer though so I can't wait to see them when they're ready! 

That pretty much rounds up my week! What did you guys get up to this week? I love being nosy at getting a look at what other people's daily lives look like to fill me in!

Drea xo

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Saturday, 25 October 2014

Book Haul | Books etc.

Been on a bit of a book binge the past month or so. Strangely though I haven't been reading as much as I usually do - possibly because I spent a month in Ireland where I was working on a film so I didn't have a daily tube commute to do my reading on. In any case, here are some of the books I've picked up - a good mix of fiction and non:

I'm a pretty fond of Louis Theroux's documentaries, but I'm yet to read one of his books.  Anyway, Call of the Weird is Theroux's first book, where he attempts to track down the odd and fascinating characters he encountered on his first docu-series, Weird Weekends. Taking us across the America to the fringes of its society, he revisits porn stars, UFO conspiracists, and neo-Nazis. I'm a big fan of... what would you call this genre? Socio-docu-writing? (Writers like Jon Ronson and Evan Wright are among my favourites). 
I have high expectations for Theroux's writings - he did after all begin his career as a writer (did you know he used to write for UK mag Hip-Hop Connection? I know, bizarre. Did you also know he's first cousins with Justin Theroux, actor/Jennifer Aniston fiance? Okay, enough with the Louis Theroux facts.)

I have been dying to get my hands on this book. Brett Martin looks back at the big TV revolution that began with David Chase creating the man who changed the landscape of TV as we know it: Tony Soprano. Martin examines Tony, as well as Det. Jimmy McNulty (The Wire), Don Draper (Mad Men), Det. Vic Mackey (The Shield), and of course this generation's most iconic difficult man, Walter White (Breaking Bad) and a whole host of others. Luckily for me, the aforementioned TV shows are pretty much a list of my all time favourites (with The Sopranos leading that charge) so I can't wait to get stuck in. 

Moving on to fiction, I picked this book up in a charity shop in Galway for 25 cents, possibly my greatest achievement. I'm a sucker for a good cover, so this stood out among the tatty crime fiction and chick-lit books that are so often fixtures of the charity book shop. The blurb doesn't tell us too much, other than the basic ingredients: sleazy Florida swap lands, juicy scandals, sex-addled political fixer, beautiful stripper and a champagne bottle. Enough said? Yeah I think so too. 

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie - Americanah

This is Adichie's most recent offering, and I'm embarrassed it's taken me this long to pick it up. I've read absolutely everything she's written so I can't wait for this one. It's centered around two young middle class Nigerian's who embark on a life outside their home country due to the military coup that drove many Nigerian's, those that could afford it, out of the country. Ifemelu heads for America, whilst Obinze is UK bound. This is a familiar story to many Nigerian's in the diaspora and would appeal to a Nigerian reader, but Adichie's writings are accessible enough for a wider audience to engage with (as opposed to say, Wole Soyinka who is a brilliant and accomplished writer but many find him difficult to read).

And Finally,  Brightness Falls is the book I'm reading at the moment. I love McInerney, one of the so called "literary brat pack" of the 80s, along with Bret Easton Ellis and Tama Janowitz (two of my favourite authors), McInerney's writings are beautifully post modern, engaging, gripping, gush-gush-gush. He has a certain Jack Kerouac about him, which, ya know, is pretty awesome. Anyway Brightness Falls is about a 30 something married couple who are typical Manhattan yuppies of the 80s - parties, lengthy discussions of politics and poets, more parties, jobs in publishing and finance, book launches and gallery openings, and did I mention parties? I'm halfway through this book and in typical McInerney fashion, I am absolutely obsessed with this world he has invited me into. 

What books have you guys been reading recently? Any recommendations for me? Check out my Goodreads page for more books I've been reading!

Drea xo

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Monday, 13 October 2014

Unlikely Style Icons | Peggy Olson

Starting a new series here on the blog, of the unlikely style icons that appear as if out of nowhere, quietly carving out a style niche that many overlook in favour of their more classically stylish counterparts. So the Joan Harris' and Olivia Popes', the Cher Horowitz's and Holly Golightlys' and the Rihannas' and the Blake Livelys', step aside. We salute you, but there's something fascinating and inspiring about the offbeat and the obscure - from TV characters to news anchors and everything in between.

Peggy Olson - Mad Men

Nothing says style evolution like the transformation of Peggy Olson (played by Elisabeth Moss). A-line midis, pleated gingham, sensible shoes and those bangs were Peggy's nonfashion fashion of the first few seasons. As she grew in strength and capability, so did her wardrobe - bold colour, shifts, chiffons and layered textures/prints, Peggy nails the professional woman of the sixties vibe.  
Music brought to you by The Animals - sixties perfection. Press play and time travel.

Early Peggy

We meet Peggy as a 50s relic - good girl gingham, sweaters and plenty of A-line action. Void of accessories and embellishments, Peggy was projecting a serious "I'm-sweet-and-innocent-so-no-need-to-notice-me" vibe.

Transition Peggy

Okay, so we've still got the trademark Peggy bangs, but she's literally and figuratively letting her hair down. She's streamlined the frumpy frocks by rocking the waist belt to perfection, and opts for bolder colour and grown up gingham. That's the beauty of Peggy - there's no uncharacteristic 360. She maintains the same motif but evolves - we're still seeing A-Line shapes and high necklines.

New Peggy

WHAT A DIFFERENCE A DECADE MAKES. Here Peggy's style is fully realised. The colour palette - characteristic mustards, and terracottas of the mid-late sixties, but punctuated with plums, aubergines and deep navys, and print and colour accents that don't overpower. Slightly shorter hemlines and A SIDE FRINGE(!) mark Peggy's new found confidence and power. Note Peggy's style staples - A-line shapes, the necktie and pussybow, simply accessories, high necklines - are still present.

Mad Men costume designer Janie Bryant (who is an absolute genius in my opinion) gives us a real woman rather than a 2D character, and she wonderfully demonstrate the evolution from girlhood to womanhood in a rapidly changing 60s landscape. 

What are your thoughts on Peggy's style? And who are your unlikely fashion icons?

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