Sunday, 12 July 2015

New Product Alert - Pretty Nail Polish | Fashion & Beauty

Hello! So at the moment I'm in Ireland having a (probably) lovely rainy holiday. A quick post today to tell you about this polish I picked up recently by a brand called Pretty

So it's a bright neon yellow (I did see another couple of colours like orange) that is truly neon - This looks so good right now while I have a lil tan action going on. You do need about three coats of this to really get the colour going, but it dries incredibly quickly - once you've finished both hands it's already fine to go back in for the next coat.

So you guys are probably wondering - hey how much is it? Where's it from? What's with the mystery?!

I'll kill the suspense - it's from Poundland. Yes. The Paaand Shop. So as you've probably figured out, it was £1. Whaaaat?! *Runs back to grab the other shades*

Drea xo

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  1. Adore the colour, perfect for summer!

  2. Love the bright yellow on you! It's gorgeous!

    xx Bash | Bash Says Hey | bloglovin'

  3. I love nails colored expecially on summer, so this is perfect

  4. I have a post scheduled for tomorrow using a matte polish from this brand and I am not overly thrilled with it! Its black and the lifespan is truly terrible, you're lucky if you get a days wear. Maybe they've changed the formula because I did buy it a while ago. However, this colour is really pretty!


  5. Love the neon nail polish. So cute!

  6. Nice colors :)


  7. I love polishes that dry so fast since we are all busy individuals right. This polish I guess is quite a steal and the color suits you especially with that tan. :)

    I can identify with you, i'd rather sleep extra 20 minutes than have breakfast. :D Am trying smoothies and juicing lately and these two caused my skin to glow, have more energy and sleep more at night :P I hope you enjoy your day! :)



  8. I love trying new nail products - I've never been too convinced on wearing yellow on my nails, however I love the purple - it looks gorgeous on you!! :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice


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