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Review: Little Ondine Nail Polishes | Fashion & Beauty

Little Ondine polishes in SMACK and BOOM*
 Hello! So you may recall I mentioned these polishes in my New In post, so I'm here to give you the lowdown. The lovely guys at Little Ondine got in touch with me, and sent me over two of their polishes to have a play with. 

The shades I got were Smack and Boom, a gorgeously neon yellow and orange. Now here's the thing: these polishes are low on the toxins, have a pretty decent ingredient list, and are peel off. Yes, peel off! No need for polish remover. Fab. I decided to give SMACK a try, this lovely neon yellow:

I'm a bit of a neon queen, especially this time of year when I've got a tan (which is fast fading, thanks to this lovely rain front we've got in London). The polishes come with some instructions, which is handy. It's not complicated, just ever so slightly different to normal polishes.

The instructions say to start with clean bare nails - completely free of oil or dirt - the polishes won't take properly otherwise. They say to apply two to three coats, making sure to clean the sides if you have any over-spill, as it may peel off by itself if you leave it there. (as you can see below I clearly missed that memo). It also says to avoid contact with water for an hour after applying.

I applied two coats, to see how well it performed with just two. Oh, the other thing is this dries fast. Like, FAST. It's brilliant. 

In terms of staying power, this lasted a good couple of days before I got any chips, and I have been known to get chips within hours. Peeling process was simple enough, it lifted off pretty easily and left no damage or staining to my nails.

Overall, I think these bad boys are pretty darn awesome. I'm already planning what other shades I want to give a go!

Anyone else tried these polishes?

Drea xo

 *PR sample

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  1. Oh i love this neon colors--- love it

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  2. I tried them and they are so fun! love removing them :p

    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  3. The colors are very pretty, love!.

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